an overview of a given culture's goddesses,
reflecting not only the society's values
but also its sense of itself

Redefining the co-existence
of strength and vulnerability. 


When you join
The Pantheon, you... 

𓋪☾  (virtually) walk into a space where it's safe to explore the expressions of surrender, power, and pleasure.

𓋪☾  join a group of powerful women devoted to exploring the divine feminine.

𓋪☾  are invited to weekly Zoom calls live with me, leading conversations around creativity, divine feminine energy, spirituality, leadership, abundance, sensuality, mindset, awareness, and more. 

𓋪☾  receive monthly challenges designed to elevate your experience of the full spectrum of life, held accountable amongst a community who passionately holds one another to a higher standard

𓋪☾  begin living a life you love, shining as an example of what's possible when you consciously curate your life 

An intention to bring women together... 

When the idea to create The Pantheon landed in my heart, I took inventory of the relationships in my life and realized that I was surrounded by men. 

As a transformative life coach, 100% of my clients were men. 

Working as a contractor with companies with military backgrounds, I was often the only female. 

And within the fitness industry, I found myself surrounded by a majority of men. 

Don't get my wrong - men are wonderful. But I realized that there were things missing from my life that could only be filled with sisterhood.

On my journey of self development and growth, I've received feedback that I naturally embody the strength and vulnerability. But the masculine elements are the ones that come easiest to me, and I find myself desiring a deeper softening into the divine feminine. 

Enter The Pantheon: a collective of badass women who represent sensual embodiment of the divine feminine and primal masculine. 

Why should you join us?

As a multi-dimensional being, I've been exploring power dynamics within the kink community since 2018.

After an introduction to BDSM, I took it upon myself to dive into readings about pleasure, pain, and other elements that seem contradictory. 

I no longer consider myself a feminine, as I believe it to be a word heavily loaded with toxicity toward men, but at the time, I wondered, "how can a strong, independent female figure surrender to a man?"

Again, it felt contradictory. 

Overtime, and through a multitude of fascinating conversations, I understood the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional layers to submission. 

As humans in a modern society, we are conditioned to believe that strength and vulnerability can't co-exist. Or even that a display of strength is arrogant, toxic, or reserved for men; and vulnerability is a weak feminine quality. 

I believe that when we tune into ourselves and listen to our internal whispers, we can learn to embody both masculine and feminine elements, weaving them together in a healthy expression of power dynamics. 

When you join The Pantheon, you will find yourself surrounded by women who are consistently doing the work to elevate themselves to higher levels of self expression - embodying the beast goddess within, to make waves across the world. 

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