balanced between a soft, feminine surrender
& powerful masculine expression

At the core, my art is an expression of power dynamics playfully
- and innocently -
interwoven between the elements of Mother Nature.

A visual exploration of what it means to be human, why it matters, and how to get there – at the root of which is a raw and primal connection with Mother Nature. 

Inspired by mountains, forests, boulders, and just about any other natural element, I explore an innocent expression of power dynamics playfully intertwined with the encompassing features of the landscape. 

As both an artist and athlete, I see the body as the ultimate form of art. 

Our body is a sculpture, and the hard work of blood, sweat, and tears, chisels the layers away. 

The state of our body is a reflection of how we treat it, the inner dialogue that we have with ourselves, and the way we fuel our muscles. Our daily habits and mindset are both instrumental tools in shaping the aesthetics of our musculature and enhancing the glow of our skin. 

While these photos are an intimate experience with myself and a celebration of others, they are also a stubbornly insistent message to society that nudity exists beyond being a sexual experience, and is a natural part of the human experience. Especially as women, I believe it’s important to feel empowered, wild, strong, and free – with or without clothing covering our bodies – and in our own company.

Who is the Beast Goddess?

The Beast Goddess is a pseudonym that weaves together the divine masculine and feminine - a culmination of hard work that I have, and continue, to put into my body. 

Maintaining anonymity in my work began initially because I didn't know what to do with my face when being photographed. My comfort was in the playful expression of my body. 

Over time, and as my work has evolved, anonymity began to serve two purposes: 

For one, it protects reputation - both for myself, and those who choose to work with me. 

Secondarily, it allows the viewer to appreciate the art from another perspective. With a face in an image, it becomes very personal and intimate - attached to a specific identity of an individual. By concealing the face, I believe that the art can be enjoyed by a wider audience and represent ideas - freedom, empowerment, strength, beauty - rather than a person. 

So, who is the Beast Goddess? 

She is you. She is me. She is your sister, mother, and daughter. She is the divine feminine channeled through the human form.

As an artist of multiple mediums, The Beast Goddess strives to maximize her potential across the full spectrum of her life, in pursuit of the ultimate human experience. It is her hope that by living a life coloring outside of the lines, she inspires her clients to live life with an open heart and chase their wildest dreams. 

When not frolicking naked in the woods, you can find her coaching high performing humans, supporting them in getting out of their own way to demolish limitations and burst through glass ceilings. 

She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialization in commercial and advertising from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. In addition to photography, she is a writer, poet, recipe developer, CF coach, and food stylist.

She has spent over 3 years as an expat building an international business in Stockholm, Sweden. You can find her currently navigating between Breckenridge, Colorado, Toscana / Umbria, and Stockholm, Sweden. Specializing in high-end boudoir photography & tasteful kink erotic art – both as a photographer and model. 


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