weaving together the primal masculine & divine feminine

I work with courageous humans (like you) to weave together internal power dynamics of the primal masculine and divine feminine, to step into a full expression of primal and sensual embodiment. 

weaving together the primal masculine & divine feminine 
in pursuit of normalizing nudity & romanticizing kink

welcome to a safe space
to explore the sensuality of
your beautifully sculpted body 

Hi, I'm Savannah. I am thrilled that you're here. 

Whether you identify as a Beast or a Goddess - or maybe both - welcome to this safe space, carefully curated to explore nakedness free from stigmas or expectations, with endless opportunities for immersive experiences that include soft introductions to elements from within the bdsm community. I've taken time to go into the depths of the dungeons, taking what I want and filtering the rest - so that you don't have to. 

Whether you want to simply be seen in your raw, primal naked human form with no strings attached; celebrate your body with a photo shoot playing within the heart of nature; or dive deep into lifestyle design with 1-on-1 coaching... 

Your body is the greatest work of art, and I'm here to support you in celebrating it. 

Weaving together the primal masculine & divine feminine, we co-create experiences to celebrate you wherever you're at. 

Partner with me to sink fully into your sensual self, free of constraints, while we co-create a multi-dimensional path to the life of your dreams. 

Working with me requires feeling into the depth of vulnerability, so trust & safety are of the utmost importance. Get to know more about me here,
or write a note so we can begin connecting heart to heart. 



visual & written

Our creative direction agency covers a wide spectrum of services, with a potent focus on writing, styling, and photography within the wellness, health, food, and fitness industries.

Specialties include
recipe development,
travel memoirs,
poetic musings...

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tasteful kink boudoir


nude photography, Shibari experiences, & fine art modeling

I create art from both behind and in front of the camera.

Whether fine art nude, boudoir, or a romanticized taste of Shibari, the artistic process unravels organically.

If interested in experiencing Shibari in a safe and warm environment, I provide a container for dipping your toes in.

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1-on-1 lifestyle design 
& group workshops

Currently working exclusively with men. 

Together we curate a
life coaching program specifically designed to fit your goals. 

I weave together masculine elements from the Unbeatable Mind program, focused on maximizing human potential; with softer feminine elements focused on the nervous system and sensuality.

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somatic self love


immerse yourself in safe, 
sensual nakedness

1-on-1 mini-retreats to celebrate your beautiful body. Infused with breathwork, body work, movement, delicious food, and more. 

The photo shoot is less about the photos, and more about the experience. You'll go forward with a new level of self confidence, self-love, and a renewed relationship with your body.

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Are you ready to sink into yourself?

I'm ready for you. 

Let's dive in and explore a creative method that supports your growth and elevates your self-love. 


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